About us

FRIGOTEKNIKA is a company that has been operating on the market for over 45 years in the production and sale of furnishing and refrigerating products for shops, supermarkets and for the food industry, such as horizontal and vertical display cases, shelving, specialised units and plug-in cases.

The success of FRIGOTEKNIKA is characterised by:

  • High technological innovation
  • The project of affordable products
  • The quality of the services offered to clientele
  • Flexibility of production and design with a correct price /quality ratio.

Production Line

The continuous commitment to innovation and the collaboration with other companies have given rise to an extremely vast and complete range of products, covering all the categories of equipment for the display and preservation of food products, and able to satisfy the needs of all types and sizes of shops.
FRIGOTEKNIKA production can be divided into two main categories: - Comercial refrigeration - Supermarket Line
Our company involves the whole organisation and allows it to offer a greater variety of products and faster deliveries, to effectively eliminate faults in products, and to achieve an exceptional increase in flexibility and productivity.


Our company has 85 % of the domestic market share. We also export to foreign states as: Kosovo, Albania, Slovakia, Egypt, Srbija, Bosnia, Greece, Croatia and Suisse.


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